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Loss is an integral and inevitable part of life. Everyone experiences grief in their own way and in their own time. There is no fixed time frame for being able to process the changes that occur. There are many different reasons as to why someone may be going through a bereavement. This can include losing a loved one, life-changing health issues, accidents, changing job/career, retirement and redundancy. There are many other examples and situations of how someone might feel that they are unable to cope with the process of such profound changes.  The effects of this are not always immediate; often resurfacing many years later. While grief can never be taken away, it can be explored sensitively and processed differently, allowing feelings to become integrated into new ways of coping, healing and living more fully.  

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Badger's Parting Gifts - A charming tale that sensitively introduces the topic of loss and grief. A book for children, but just as useful for adults.

Texting The Dead - an article on how technology can keep us connected to loved ones, as well as how this can sometimes lead to issues when technology providers move on and reallocate the phone number.