There are many books that can help with mental health and wellbeing. They can also help you to understand what someone else may be experiencing. I have selected the books below for their insight and accessibility. 

Reasons To Stay Alive - Matt Haig

A first-hand account of living with and surviving depression. Touching, poignant and often humorous. Exploring the onset, progression, symptoms and coping strategies that the author has learnt over 13 years. This can also be useful for those living with someone with depression and how they can help during this difficult time. 

Sane New World.jpg

Sane New World - Ruby Wax

More widely known for her acerbic wit, this book explores the interplay between depression and anxiety. Employing self-deprecating humour, yet incisive logic, to understand the complexity and daily intrusions of those suffering from depression/anxiety. The author uses mindfulness techniques to help manage her anxieties. Also includes a summary of clinical studies showing the efficacy and long-lasting benefits of practising mindfulness. 

The Examined Life.jpg

The Examined Life - Stephen Grosz

Unique insights into the human condition gathered from the author’s 20,000+ client sessions.  Surprising, sensitive and profound. The client’s who share their stories will create lasting memories.

The Gifts Of Imperfection - Brené Brown

"Whole-hearted living" - what it means and how to find it within yourself. Drawing on many years of research, the author has narrowed her extensive findings down to three central themes. She also shares her own journey on how to live more authentically and be more compassionate.