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The following courses have been specifically designed for counsellors and psychotherapists who want to add to their knowledge and skill base. I believe that we learn best from ourselves as well as each other, so I include a range of learning elements within each course.

Dates and location to be confirmed shortly. Please email me to register your interest:



Private Practice: What I wish I had known

Setting up a private practice can be daunting as there is so much to think about. In this workshop, I will talk through what I learnt along the way. There are plenty of opportunities to ask questions, work in groups, as well as some individual exercises to gather your thoughts.



Couples Counselling -
the basics

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a couples counsellor? Are you looking to develop your skills in working with relationships? This workshop is designed to introduce theory as well as trying it out in a safe learning environment.


Integrating Transactional Analysis (TA)

Are you looking to learn more about Transactional Analysis but do not know where to start? Or you know about the “ego states” but don’t know how you might use this with a client? Then this workshop will introduce you to the basic principles, as well as how to go about explaining them to a client, without all the jargon. TA theory is useful for many different client issues, and the extra benefit allows us to integrate the parts of ourselves too!